Hull 2017 – Meeting Programme, Wednesday

Wednesday 20th September 2017

08.15 Registration with coffee at the trade exhibition

09.00 Welcome and housekeeping

09.05 Session 1
Paediatric Corneal Disease and Management
Chaired by Mr. Samer Hamada, East Grinstead

09.10 Infectious keratitis in children
Prof. Parwez Hossain, Southampton

09.30 Keratitis in children
Mr. Susmito Biswas, Manchester

09.50 Corneal opacities in children
Mr. Manoj Parulekar, Birmingham

10.10 Corneal neurotisation
Mr. Samer Hamada, East Grinstead

10.25 Questions

10.30 Tea and Coffee at the trade exhibition

11.00 Session 2
Paediatric OCTs
Chaired by Prof. Irene Gottlob, Leicester

11.00 Hand-held OCT findings in prematurity, clinical implications
Dr Aarti Patel, Leicester

11.12 Hand-held OCT in childhood glaucoma
Miss Anastasia Pilat, Leicester

11.24 Malaria retinopathy
Prof. Irene Gottlob, Leicester

11.36 OCT case presentations

11.36 Case one
Mr. Usman Mahmood, Hull

11.42 Case two
Mr. Chetan Patel, Oxford

11.48 Case three
Miss Helena Lee, Southampton

11.54 Case four
Miss Jane Ashworth, Manchester

12.00 Case five
Mr. Joe Abbott, Birmingham

12.06 Discussion

12.15 Session 3
Rapid Fire Free Paper Presentations
Chaired by Miss Gill Adams, London

12.16 The presentation, clinical features, complications and treatment of congenital dacryocystocoele – Mr. Ryan Davies, Cardiff Eye Unit
12.20 The incidence of Type 1 Retinopathy of Prematurity before and after implementation of higher oxygen saturation targets in pre-term infants – Miss Jia Hui-Lee, Addenbrooke’s Hospital
12.24 Current shortcomings and future directions of congenital cataract screening: introducing the CatCam – Miss Amédine Duret, University of Cambridge
12.28 Transition from paediatric to adult ophthalmology services: what matters most to young people with visual impairment – Miss Alexandra Robertson, UCL GOSH Institute of Child Health
12.32 Paediatric endophthalmitis: incidence and management – Miss Sahar Parvizi, Moorfields Eye Hospital
12.36 Is early visual screen necessary in premature children? – Mrs Sunila Jain, Royal Preston Hospital
12.40 The benefits of screening for familial retinoblastoma – functional outcomes – Mr. Muhammad Kutubi, Birmingham Children’s Hospital
12.44 Paediatric vernal keratoconjunctivitis impact of on quality of life using Quick Questionnaire – Miss Rushmia Karim, Moorfields Eye Hospital
12.48 An evaluation of parental awareness of current occlusion treatment options – Ms Ayasha Motala, Royal Preston Hospital
12.52 Childhood uveitis not associated with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA): Results from the national survey of incidence, management and visual outcomes – Miss Su-Yin Koay, Moorfields Eye Hospital
12.56 Fresh frozen plasma (Octaplas®) and topical Heparin in the management of Ligneous Conjunctivitis – Mr. Patrick Watts, Cardiff Eye Unit

13.00 Lunch at the trade exhibition

14.00 Session 4
Free Papers
Chaired by Mr. Rajnish Sekhri, Hull

14.06 Systematic international bias in ROP grading decisions – Prof. Brian Fleck, Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion
14.15 British Childhood Visual Impairment Study 2: interim findings – Dr Lucie Teoh, UCL GOSH Institute of Child Health
14.24 Novel genes and pathways in optic fissure closure and ocular coloboma – Dr Aara Patel, UCL GOSH Institute of Child Health
14.33 Visual outcomes five years following congenital and infantile cataract surgery with and without primary IoLs: findings from the IoLunder2 study – Dr Lola Solebo, Moorfields Biomedical Research Centre and UCL GOSH Institute of Child Health
14.42 The prognostic value of transient pattern VEPs recorded in infancy in predicting behavioural visual acuity in children with CVI – Miss Jessica Howes, Great Ormond Street Hospital
14.51 Secondary glaucoma 5 years following congenital and infantile cataract surgery in the UK and Ireland: findings from the IoLunder2 study – Dr Lola Solebo, Moorfields Biomedical Research Centre and UCL GOSH Institute of Child Health

15.00 Tea and Coffee at the trade exhibition

15.30 Session 5
Claud Worth Lecture
“Zonules and Molecules – Elucidating the etiology of Ectopia Lentis”
Dr Elias Traboulsi, USA

16.30 Session 6

Paediatric Ocular Inflammatory Disorders
Chaired by Miss Dhanes Thomas, London

16.35 Paediatric uveitis: a clinical overview
Miss Dhanes Thomas, London

16.50 Paediatric uveitis: treatment and trials
Sandrine Lacasagne, Consultant Paediatric Rheumatologist, London

17.05 Management of complications in paediatric uveitis
Miss Jane Ashworth, Manchester

17.20 The challenges of managing a complex case of paediatric uveitis in a non-tertiary unit
Mr. Usman Mahmood, Hull

17.30 Discussion and Questions

17.45 BIPOSA group photo

18.00 Reception at Maritime Museum, Victoria Square, Hull